Hello! I'm Howard, and I'm a game designer that specializes in designing gameplay, levels, and UI/UX. I am a graduate of the Bachelors of Arts in Game Design degree at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

As a game designer, my design philosophy revolves around finding fun. I believe that engaging and intuitive gameplay is the key to creating a truly enjoyable experience. I also feel that strong communication is crucial during both game play and development. On game teams, I strive to ensure that my designs are well communicated through prototypes and mock-ups, making sure that everyone on the team shares the same vision. In game, I try to establish clear and meaningful player actions so players feel satisfied, well informed, and in control.

Outside of game design, I have a wide and versatile array of skills, including voice acting, costuming, video editing, digital art, script writing, and more. However, I choose to pursue a career in video games because I love creating experiences for others to enjoy, and feel that games have a unique way of evoking emotions that no other entertainment medium can compare with.