Project X11


ProjectX11 is a proof of concept for a 3rd person action combat game. This is a solo project build in Unreal Engine 4. It utilizes a series of 3 sets of 3 different melee attacks for the player to use. These attacks, along with a projectile attack, allows the player to combat enemies. A dodging dash ability is included as well.

Development Info:

  • Role: Solo Developer
  • Genre: 3rd Person Action
  • Players: 1
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Team Size: 1
  • Development Time: 6 months


  • Customizable combat system
  • 3rd person sword-based action combat
  • Animation canceling
  • Demo stage with 2 enemy types

Why I picked this Project:
- I picked this project because I wanted to learn skills that pertained to creating an action combat system. My goal is to work at a studio that creates this genre of game, so I wanted this to be something on my portfolio.
What I am Passionate about with it:
- The games I find the most fun are 3rd Person action combat games. As such, I wanted to create a game that I find fun, so I chose this type of project.

What I learned, main surprises, and discoveries:
- I learned that these types of combat systems are very difficult to develop, and a lot of the aspects that make this a good combat system comes from a great deal of fine tuning.
    The main surprise in this project was the difficulty of how to present the project. There was a time when I was unsure how to deliver the project, either as a tool or a system demo, as I was too focused on the development itself.
    I discovered that I am indeed passionate about these  types of games and systems, as I feared developing this kind of system on my own would kill my passion for it. But I am more passionate than ever to move forward and work on systems like these.



Gameplay notes:


Gamepad (highly recommended):
Left stick: Movement
Right stick: Camera control
X: Attack 1
Y: Attack 2
B: Attack 3
A: Dodge
Right Bumper: Change set - Up
Left Bumper: Change set - Down
Left Trigger/Right Trigger: Shoot
Start: Pause

WASD: Movement
Mouse: Camera control
1: Attack 1
2: Attack 2
3: Attack 3
SPACE: Dodge
E: Change set - Up
Q: Change set - Down
Left Mouse Click/Left Mouse Click: Shoot
H/ESC: Pause

Use Mouse to navigate menus.